Telar DCCI

What is this?

This is an extension for the MicroB browser implementing the W3C Delivery Context: Client Interfaces (DCCI) specification.

What is DCCI?

DCCI specifies essentially a JavaScript interface via which a web page can access local context information from the web browser of the device. This could be device properties, such as the screen resolution of the device, text input capabilities etc, but also, e.g., the current GPS coordinates from the built-in GPS receiver of your N810.
DCCI specifies a tree of properties carrying a value and a metadata interface. The properties are organized hierarchically and the property hierarchy is represented as a DOM tree.

What can I do with it?

With Telar DCCI alone you can do ... pretty much nothing. Telar DCCI just provides for the property tree but does not offer any content. However, Telar DCCI comes with an unstandardized provider interface, which other browser extensions can use to ship context data to web pages. In other words, with Telar DCCI you can:

As an example, you can create location-aware web pages (screenshot) by shipping GPS coordinates to a web page via DCCI. See the GPS page for details.

Can I use this anywhere else?

Porting this code to a Mozilla-based browser other than MicroB should not be a big problem as the code of Telar DCCI does not depend on maemo. What needs to be done is to integrate with the Mozilla build system, as Telar DCCI is built using Debian tools.

What about privacy?

Well, you don't mind to tell the whole WWW about your current context data, location, calendar etc, do you? You do? Ok sorry, we'll have to disappoint you, there is no privacy in the current implementation at this point.